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Organic Brown Rice Syrup risk increases need for food spec

Research published in environmental health perspectives points to an increased risk of excessive levels arsenic in organic brown rice syrup with may result in calls for regulated limits.
With paper based systems many food businesses will have to spend days/weeks trawling through food specifications and their supplier approval systems to identify if there is a supplier risk.
PLM software (product lifecycle management) make this a quick and easy process, in fact the better systems will simply involve typing in “organic brown rice syrup” into a search box and the system will go away and search all supplier specifications and identify where the affected ingredient is present, and then identify all finished food product specifications that use the affected ingredient.
Better still it may tell you that your business is not affected and allow you to instantly contact your customers and inform them that the products that they source from you are not implicated, thus reconfirming your stature amongst your customers as a supplier who is enhancing the customers supply chain security.
Going forward this will become a growing competitive advantage

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