New Development Process

Oops…we did it again, how often does this happen in your NPD delivery?

Sometimes delivering New Product Development(NPD) projects can have those Britney Spears moments when you want to start singing”Oops…we did it again” except you are usually not in the mood to start singing.
Yet again a mistake has been made, which was made previously and it is clear that lessons were not learned.
Many food and drink businesses have a post launch review process built into their NPD process during which improvements and lessons learned are meant to be collected and actioned.
In reality these post launch reviews are often missed or rushed resulting in:

  • Learning’s & improvements not identified
  • Improvements identified not implemented

And you’ve guessed it, the same mistakes get made at some point in the future, sometimes at large cost.
So what are we doing here at QADEX to help?
We have deployed a cool functionality called “lessons learned” within our product launch manager module.

Every user who is completing a task as part of your NPD project delivery has the option to enter the Lessons learned as the task is being completed.
When you come to complete your post launch review meeting ALL of these Lessons learned will have been automatically rolled up and are available to review.
You can then quickly amend your project templates to embed the lessons learned.

  • All learning’s and improvements are being identified.
  • Improvements identified are being implemented

And you no longer end up with that “Oops…we did it again feeling”
Managing successful food and drink NPD processes can sometimes feel like herding cats across multiple departments.
Successful launches require support from many departments and ensuring everything is done to schedule and everyone is kept up to date is challenging.
Click here to access a free webinar which will provide you with valuable knowledge to transform your NPD delivery process.
What we will cover in this webinar:

  • What we are hearing and seeing as the biggest NPD challenges
  • How to benchmark your current NPD process against industry best practice
  • How the QADEX product launch manager can transform your NPD process.

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