Media coverage of consumer complaints

I do not have any statistics but my own anecdotal evidence is that we appear to be getting a lot more food complaints making it into the Daily Mail with very graphic photos and videos available.
Over the past week I have noticed the Video of the fly in the mashed potatoes, and the worm in the chicken tikka slice.
And I could continue to list some of the other dramatic customer complaints which get media coverage.
What percentage of these turn out to be genuine and what percentage are fake, I do hope that someone out there is tracking this as my suspicions are that quite a substantial number could be fake.
But if you are the food business that gets caught up in one of these incidents the brand protection damage could be huge.
If we do not find a coherent way of tackling and reporting the fraudulent claims and ensuring that the media coverage catches up and sets the record straight we run the risk of an increasing stream of “sensational stories” which will unnecessarily undermine consumer confidence.
Interestingly if you read the comments posted by some consumers on websites opinion is mixed, maybe there is hope after all.