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Improve non-conformance management

Automate supplier quality monitoring or internal non-conformance management with automated workflows to ensure prompt closure of non-conformances.

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Non Conformance Management

Want a better way of managing non-conformances? You're in the right place!

Which issues will our Non-Conformity Management System correct?

Non-Conformance Reporting Systems in the Industry

When it comes to non-conformance management, we come across many organisations that are still manually managing non-conformances via emails, spreadsheets and meetings.

All of which make life a little more difficult than need be. The GFSI recognises the ease and effectiveness of digital quality management systems as part of successful HACCP systems.

Our system enables you to automate supplier quality monitoring with workflows to ensure prompt closure of non-conformances. If you experience some of the following challenges then we have the solution.

Which standards will our Non-Conformance Software help a business comply with?

Whether BRCGS, GFSI, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, Retailer Standards or your own food safety standards, a common theme across all is that a non conformance reporting system is required. The reasons are simple, life is not always straight forwards, producing food that is safe, legal and meets quality standards, day in and day out at scale is not always going to go to plan.

Things will go wrong, or not be done correctly, this is where your non conformity management system becomes invaluable. Our non-conformance software removes the hassle and stress to non-conformance management and automatically provides intelligence to enable improvements which you can demonstrate to auditors and internal senior management.

An Outline of the Non-Conformity Process

Typically a non-conformance can arise from a number of sources

Once a non-conformance is identified our non-conformance software will assign it to the right person or department responsible, whether that is internal or external for a supplier.

Depending on the severity of the non-conformance and how the non-conformance management system has been defined will determine the timescale that each non-conformance needs to be resolved within. Typically the more serious the non-conformance the shorter the timescale.

The recipient of the non-conformance will now have to complete an investigation, identify what has gone wrong, ideally identify a corrective action and preventative action. The corrective action is designed to fix the problem and the preventative action is designed to ensure that the issue does not recur.

Best practice is to complete a “root cause analysis” to identify “why” the problem arose. Addressing the “root-cause” and then taking steps to address the root cause will not only ensure that the probability of recurrence is lower but will also likely to solve other unrelated problems.

Businesses who really get a handle on non-conformance management using our non-conformance software and the associated non-conformance reporting system will transform their food safety and quality systems over time.

Key Features of Our Non-Conformance Management Software

non conformity management system

What is the ‘cost’ of a poor non-conformity management system?

The cost of non-conformance will vary from business to business. Failures to meet standards resulting in non-conformances will have a cost of getting the product to the stage when it failed quality checks, there may be rework costs and post delivery costs such as extra quality checks or delivery charges. Where non-conformances are the result of retailer / customer audits there can be substantial commercial and reputational impacts depending on the type of non-conformance.

The biggest cost may be the missed improvement opportunities if the non-conformity management system is not being used proactively by the entire business.

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