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Non Conformance Software & Digital Transformation

Non conformances should lead to Corrective Actions and ultimately to Preventative Actions. Preventative Actions, over time, drive improvements across your business. Managing this most powerful tool in the most efficient way is necessary to deliver step change improvement as quickly as possible.. Without the use of non conformance software, keeping visibility of each non conformance is almost impossible.

The Challenges of Managing Non Conformances

Managing Non conformances has never been an easy task. Whether they arise as a result of an internal or external audit, a goods in delivery check, a daily calibration check or other process control check or maybe a Customer Complaint, raising the non conformance is easy, tracking it through to close out is anything but. How many of these problems have you encountered?

  • Non conformances are raised, logged and emailed, but the person/department responsible is takes too long to respond
  • Outstanding non conformances have to be chased up
  • Unsure if a non conformance has been raised before, with the same person and for the same reason
  • A colleague in Goods In has had problems with this same supplier and also has non conformances outstanding
  • Too busy to chase up outstanding Non conformances

Is this you?

Non conformance software removes the pain from non conformance management
Is your Non Conformance process working for you…or against you?

What tools do you have available to manage your non conformances? How many on the list below are you using?

  • Email
  • Spreadsheet
  • Inhouse Non con form (Word doc/Paper form)
  • Diary/Calendar
  • Phone
  • Meetings

Could that be your problem?

QADEX Non Conformance Reporting System

There is a better way. QADEX Non Conformance Manager is an industry leading non conformance software solution. Regardless of the Standards that you work too, BRCGS, GFSI, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, a Retailer Standard or your own Standard, you need a non conformance reporting system – relying on people replying to emails just isn’t good enough. When – not if – things do go wrong or when processes aren’t followed properly, your non conformance management system becomes the tool that drives Preventative Actions and as a result, drives improvement.

Our non conformance software, developed initially for the Food Industry, is fully configurable. Improvements can be identified and offered to Senior Management and auditors can be given visibility of the entire life cycle of all non conformances.

The QADEX non conformance software will:-

  • Provide a company wide standard non conformance reporting system for the generation and life cycle of non conformances
  • Create a close out individual deadlines for each non conformance and for each non conformance type or urgency
  • Allocate each non conformance a unique number or code in a standard manner
  • Standardise a single & consistent system for both internal and Supplier non conformances
  • Assign non conformances to individuals and/or teams, along with a specified deadline and issue reminders that a task hasn’t been completed
  • Allow Users to request and attach pictures giving proof of close out
  • Provide different deadlines for different priorities of non conformance
  • Generate graphical reporting dashboards that offer immediate feedback on patterns and trends

With our feature rich non conformance software solution, our managing, reporting and close out  of non conformances becomes far easier – read more here