Non Conformance Management

Improve audit outcomes

Automate supplier quality monitoring or internal non-conformance management with automated workflows to ensure prompt closure of non-conformances.

If you experience some of the following challenges then we have the solution.

Non-conformances (CAPA) are not being managed consistently across your business.

Supplier performance issues are not being picked up quickly enough.

Supplier non-performance can have substantial service level impacts.

Outstanding non-conformances are being chased manually and inconsistently.

Sharing information relating to “problem” suppliers is ad-hoc.

Supplier scorecarding is difficult.

Site performance issues are not being picked up and resolved quickly enough.

You think there must be a better way.

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Non Conformance Management

Want a better way of managing non-conformances? You're in the right place!

You may be wondering why we have not provided more detail on this page about all of the cool functionality we provide. We have recently found that a competitor under financial pressure to grow quickly has copied all of the functionality list from our website and included it on their functionality list, that they are selling to prospective customers.

They don’t have much of the functionality that they say that they have!

So if someone is trying to sell you a similar set of functionality to what QADEX provides, speak to a few of their customers to confirm that the functionality has been delivered, or better still give us a shout.