Food industry issues in the media

NFU seeks to reverse the decline in self-sufficiency

Figures show the UK is only 62% self-sufficient in food and the gap between food imports and exports is now more than £19.4 billion.
In 1984 the UK was 95% self-sufficient in indigenous food types, in 2012 this figure had dropped to 76%.
Whilst it is easy to see why the NFU are jumping on these DEFRA sourced figures I would also contend that food businesses should also take note.
From a supply chain risk management perspective this trend may also increase risk. Supplier certification schemes such as Red Tractor provide a level of assurance which cannot be matched by imports. From an ethical and corporate social responsibility perspective there is merit.
If these imports were replaced with UK sourced materials there would be a bit more cash floating around in the UK which would benefit all of us.