New Product Development

Launch new products faster, better, together

Deliver new product launches faster, better, together while ensuring that all safety, quality, legality and profitability requirements are met.

If you experience some of the following challenges then we have the solution.

Spreadsheets used for managing NPD projects are not working optimally.

Achieving new product launch deadlines is a stressful process for all involved.

Key food safety and regulatory steps are sometimes missed or rushed resulting in food safety and audit non-conformity risks.

Managing external suppliers and partners results in added confusion.

Different departments across the business are not well aligned on launches.

Communications regarding changes of plan within a launch and during the launch process are inconsistent.

Internal deadlines, milestones and stage gates are often missed.

Meeting launch deadlines requires a heroic effort and often feels like a miracle.

Managing launches sometimes feels like herding cats.

You think there must be a better way.

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New Product Development

Want a better way of delivering NPD? You're in the right place!

You may be wondering why we have not provided more detail on this page about all of the cool functionality we provide. We have recently found that a competitor under financial pressure to grow quickly has copied all of the functionality list from our website and included it on their functionality list, that they are selling to prospective customers.

They don’t have much of the functionality that they say that they have!

So if someone is trying to sell you a similar set of functionality to what QADEX provides, speak to a few of their customers to confirm that the functionality has been delivered, or better still give us a shout.