New Mobile App for Beef Farmers!

Cattle App

Leading UK supermarket chain Morrisons has launched an exciting new app specially designed to help livestock producers simplify the animal management process as well as open up the communication lines between farmers, suppliers and retailers.
Currently available on Apple operating systems and soon to be launched in Android compatible format, the Morrisons Farming App is an industry first and according to Morrisons agriculture manager Andrew Loftus, it will help farmers “improve food safety, animal traceability, breeding methods and husbandry.”
From cattle birth registrations and pen movements to ordering new ear tag replacements, the development of the new technology brings the age old industry of farming into the 21st century. It even features a live link to the British Cattle Movement Service which gives farmers access to birth, death and movements data at the touch of a button.
Another standout feature is the automatic generation of a food chain information declaration, a document that is legally required by any farmer breeding livestock destined for the slaughter house. While activities and tasks such as these would usually take farmers hours, the new Morrisons Farming App revolutionises the process and is set to save farmers across the UK a significant amount of time and money.
In a recent press conference, Loftus explained “We want to help ease the burden on farmers by ensuring better information is available at the touch of a button to aid them when making decisions about their businesses. The launch of the app builds on the website we’ve also created to provide suppliers of beef, pork and lamb with unrivalled and immediate feedback on their consignments,” he added.
The app has received a hugely positive response from the agricultural community, with many tech savvy cattle farmers already taking advantage of the new technology. Even the National Farmers Union has praised Morrisons Farming App, with NFU president Meurig Raymond stating “Adopting technology like this new app is key to farming’s future and I’m delighted that Morrisons is making sure that it’s available to all beef producers.”
The company has pledged to continue to update and improve the app in order to help farmers make the very best decisions when it comes to their businesses. With plans to roll out the app to lamb and pig producers in the near future, Morrisons Farming App is set to take the agricultural industry by storm!

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