New Approval Functionality – “Smart” Section Rejection

QADEX New Approval Functionality RejectionsIf you have not had chance to read our blog post around “Smart Edits” feel free to do so by clicking here, but in short it is a new piece of functionality that allows users to quickly edit information provided by suppliers in specifications and self audit questionnaires and then send this back to the supplier to review. Greatly speeding up the time it takes to process a specification or self audit questionnaire.
The next part of New Approval Functionality we will be talking about is “Smart” Section Rejection”.
This functionality builds on the “Smart Edits” – As well as being able to edit supplier information QADEX users can now also remove/reject section information. So when reviewing the supplier submitted self audit questionnaire or product specification the user is now able to approve and reject the individual sections of the self audit questionnaire/product specification, so only the rejected sections will go back to the supplier for review.
Customers that have been using this new piece of functionality have been able to speed up the number of documents they review and process saving much time for customers and their suppliers.
If you would like to learn more about this functionality and how to could benefit your business then please do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking here.