New Approval Functionality – “Smart” Edits

supplier approval specifications new functionalityLet’s cast our minds back to late 2016 – While some people were getting ready for the festive period we were working hard on one of our biggest system updates dubbed “New Approval Functionality”.
This was released to the live system in November 2016.
New Approval functionality is revolutionary in its design and provides lots of new features when approving self audit questionnaire or specifications within the QADEX system. The aim of this new functionality is to reduce the number of iterations required to get to an approved specification or self audit questionnaire (SAQ).
The update contains a vast number of changes to how the approval process works, aiming to streamline it as much as possible for both, suppliers updating a rejected supplier audit questionnaires or product specifications and QADEX customers approving submitted documents within the system.
Part of the New Approval Functionality is the addition of what we are calling “Smart” edits.
Historically, if a QADEX user was not happy with the information provided by a supplier in one of their self audit questionnaires or specifications they would have to send the entire document back to the supplier along with a note of which question(s) they wanted updated.
This can result in a time-consuming back and forth between the QADEX user and supplier until it is agreed on what information is correct in the document.
The unique “Smart” edits feature allows QADEX users to edit information submitted by their suppliers and then send this information back to the supplier for approval. And best of all, only the questions or sections of the document that have been edited will go back to the supplier for review, thereby significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to get a document (SAQ or specification) approved.
For example, instead of an entire self audit questionnaire or product specification being rejected with the reason “Question 150 – “Europe” is too generic, please specify which country/countries” QADEX users can now send back just that single question with a suggestion of what they think it should be, for example, “Question 150 suggestion – France, Italy, Germany” and the supplier can simply “Accept” or “Reject” this suggestion.
We have seen this speed up the number of documents reviewed and approved each week significantly.
If you would like to learn more about this functionality and how it could benefit your business then please do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking here.