Modern Day Food Frauds

When we look at supply chain risk and develop our supplier audit programs we often refer to product categories where there is a long history of food fraud.
As a result we are always looking back and using history to guide our horizon scanning.
We may even assess supplier compliance by doing risk based QA checks on intake with non conforming product being rejected.
But all of this is historical.
What are the risks of the future which we should be incorporating into our supply chain risk management processes.
I would like to suggest the following for some attention:

  • High value or PDO foods
  • High value commodities
  • Nature identical products
  • GMO free products

By looking very carefully at your food specifications you will quickly identify the PDO, NI and GMO free products.
By talking to purchasing colleagues you will identify high value commodities.
Should you be increasing the supply chain risk assessment scores for these items?

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