Mini Questionnaires Update

QADEX Mini Questionnaires UpdateIn addition to the New Approval functionality we released in late 2016 which included features such as “Smart” Edits and “Smart” Section Rejection, QADEX has also released a new Mini Questionnaire feature.
This feature is designed to give the QADEX user the ability to send out their own mini questionnaires to suppliers. A mini questionnaire can be for either a supplying site or a product and allows the user to devise their own re-usable templates or set up a new template which they can then use to communicate with their supply base.
For example, if a certain country was having a food safety issue with an ingredient the user could send a mini questionnaire to suppliers of this ingredient, helping to improve brand protection and reduce food safety issues which could result in costly recalls.
This new functionality allows the customer to create a mini questionnaire with up to 15 questions per template, each questionnaire is fully configurable with multiple question types.
This Mini Questionnaire feature allows customers to formalise their supplier communications, no more searching through hundreds of emails to find a document that the supplier has sent outside of the SAQ or Specification.
Even better, these mini questionnaires do not need to be approved, once submitted by a supplier they are stored the QADEX customer desktop awaiting review or they can be set to move to the supplier history where the information can be easily found if and when required.
The QADEX customer base has really engaged with this new feature over the past few months, it is easily accessible from numerous screens within the system, quick and easy to use and a powerful way of quickly communicating with your suppliers.
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