Meat Safety conference presentation may be erupting

QADEX were delighted to be invited to speak at the VIV Meat Safety conference in Utrecht on Tuesday 20th April.
We even had a very interesting presentation prepared on the subject of “Managing Supply Chain Assurance in Global Supply Chains” which may now have to be kept on ice, or worse still delivered over a live video link, and you thought live video links were only for absent oscar winners!
So we shall wait and see, who knows, the ash may have all blown away and air traffic returned to normal by Tuesday morning, and pigs might fly. Who knows some of the boffins at the VIV Europe exhibition may have used genetic engineering to develop a flying pig?
Our presentation covers the following subjects:

  • Best practice overview
  • Barriers to best practice
  • Good practice
  • Where we are now in relation to supplier auditing
  • Where we are now in relation to raw material specifications
  • Challenges
  • Some scary stories
  • How to address the challenges.
  • Dealing with agents, traders and importers, some of whom can best be described as cowboys!
  • The role that electronic systems can play
  • How to choose a system

If anyone wishes to receive a copy of this presentation please email or phone 0845 3024780 and request a copy.