Food industry issues in the media

Thin line between success and failure with QMS

Food Manufacture today reported about a fire at ABP Shropshire.
This seems like a powerful example of why robust risk assessments and controls of contractors working on site are essential. There are usually very good reasons why we have all these quality management systems in our food factories, but it is soo easy to get so buried in the paper we lose sight of why these systems are in place. Every day, in most of our food plants, there are things not being completed or not being completed correctly. 99.999% of the time we get away with it, but sometimes we don’t and then when we get caught out the consequences can be devastating. Thankfully in this example many other systems and processes kicked in and prevented a much more serious incident. But as we know from the Olympics at the moment the margins between success and failure can be very thin.
Our supplier assurance systems are designed to identify and reduce supplier risk. Lets make sure that we are proactive rather than just chasing paper.