Food industry issues in the media

Lord Haskins calls for Public Sector to be our focus

I had the pleasure of listening to Lord Haskins speak at a recent event at Fera in York. And whilst some might say that he witters on a bit, I have to say that he brings an interesting sense of perspective to the development of the UK food industry over the past 50 years, and whilst officially retired he is still active in pig farming and various projects across the industry.
Lord Haskins says that farmers should be be focussing on public sector food supply chains instead of complaining about supermarkets.
The public sector is where real supply chain problems are. Relationships between retailers and the supply chain are much closer than those in the public sector and catering, and consumers and producers are at risk of losing sight of this, he said.
The real problems are not in supermarkets but in restaurants and hospitals. You just have plate put in front of you and you can’t be sure what it is and where its come from.
These statements are a bit of a generalisation, QADEX work with some operators in the restaurants and hospital sector who have excellent supplier approval management and food specification systems in place supported by robust risk assessment and supplier monitoring.