Live Maggot in a Cereal Bar? Kellogg’s Must Have Top Complaints Management System

If you’re about to sit down to lunch it could be a good idea to wait until after you’ve eaten your food to read this… Shockwaves hit multinational food manufacturing company Kellogg’s late last year when a customer claimed that it found a live maggot in one of its Nutri-Grain bars. While Kellogg’s didn’t ignore the scandal it did release a statement maintaining that it was “extremely unlikely” that the maggot would have originated from its cereal bar manufacturing factory.

22 year old Londoner Nick Todd was the unlucky victim of the incident, claiming that he felt “physically sick” after biting into the bar.

“It was sitting on the top of the bar, wriggling round a bit. I can’t believe there was something in there, let alone it was still alive, I was nearly sick,” he recalls.


In response to the highly publicised incident Kellogg’s has launched a full investigation into the case of the mysterious maggot. A spokeswoman from the company maintains that “We take all complaints of this nature very seriously” and expect to arrive at a definitive answer. “This was reported to us on Wednesday and when we receive the specimen we will carry out a full and thorough investigation.”

One of the key factors Kellogg’s is using to defend itself is the fact that the high temperatures in its factories wouldn’t allow for any live maggots to survive. Yet Todd maintains that it was inside the airtight packet and he can’t understand how the maggot managed to survive.

“It doesn’t go out of date until next year and I don’t know how the maggot managed to survive when the packet is supposed to be air tight.”

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Regardless of whether or not Kellogg’s is responsible for the incident the company had undoubtedly dealt with the complaint admirably. Public statements and thorough investigations play an important role in saving the reputation of a company. Given their swift, professional and in-depth response it’s safe to say that Kellogg’s is armed with robust complaints management systems and software that allows it to streamline all grievances. The ability to rapidly respond and action the complaint has allowed Kellogg’s to make the customer feel valued and recognised, as well as give the media something positive to work with.

While sales of Nutri-Grain bars may temporarily drop the company’s immediate response will ensure that it quickly regains consumer confidence and continues to enjoy its status as one of the world’s leading food manufacturing groups.

Managing customer complaints effectively plays a large role in successful food businesses. Complaints management software is vital to ensure each and every complaint is followed through.