Leicestershire residents vote to save trading standards

A survey in which more than 7,000 people took part has found that trading standards is the 9th most important council service, and street lighting the least.
Leicestershire County Council Home
In August, Leicestershire County Council sent out more than 230,000 questionnaires asking people which of its services should be cut in order to save £110 million and the results were interesting.
While residents voted to save trading standards they voted to cut the following:

  1. Street lighting
  2. Grants for communities
  3. Funding for agencies
  4. Travel to schools
  5. Grass cutting
  6. Early learning
  7. Children’s centres
  8. Funding for businesses
  9. School support
  10. Museums

I was amazed with this outcome, as there were 7,000 respondents this survey has to be treated with some respect.
It would appear that trading standards and their role in reducing food safety risk /complaint reporting should be valued.

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