Food industry issues in the media

Kerry Foods launch Bisto Frozen Ready Meals with the claim

This product launch caught my interested because of the perceived need to place the aforementioned on trade adverts in the Grocer, although it would appear that the claim is not on the front of the packaging. This may not be surprising since the packaging was probably originated long before our recent industry travails in the beef supply chain.

I fear that this will be the first of many efforts to rebuild trust amongst consumers about processed food products containing beef.

It also strikes me as a little odd that the claim “from trusted sources” was linked to a footnote stating “laboratory tested”

As an ex Kerry Foods person myself I know that Kerry take supplier quality assurance and supply chain compliance seriously. Their specification management and supplier audit programs are likely to be robust, but yet in the current climate feel it necessary to spend money advertising the fact that these products have been subject to laboratory testing.

It is frustrating that the activities of the few are yet again having a large impact on the majority of the food industry.