Food industry issues in the media

Kellogg recall due to tainted packaging

It has been reported today that Kellogg have recalled 28 million boxes of breakfast cereal in the United States over fears an unknown chemical that has tainted its packaging could cause diarrhoea and vomiting.
At QADEX we consistently get pushback from some packaging suppliers who resist providing extensive information on supplier self audit questionnaires and on raw material specifications. Whilst there are some very good packaging suppliers there are many who are not really conversant with the potential risks of packaging and taint. Hopefully this incident will make a few more packaging suppliers stop and think that maybe they need to look at food safety in a more detail.
The moral here is that all packaging suppliers should be included in any supplier compliance management initiatives, although context is king, we advise to have a more detailed level of surveilance for contact packaging suppliers than for non contact packaging suppliers.