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Jimmy's Global Harvest and the food supply chain

One of the joys of working in the food industry is that we are surrounded by our work, even when we are at home trying to switch off with our families.
One program that I have started to watch recently is Jimmy’s Global Harvest featuring Jimmy Doherty on BBC. Sometimes it does not make for comfortable viewing, but what it does seem to do is give a balanced perspective by media standards.
As a foodie with an interest in the food supply chain, and in particular how we can respond to the challenges that face us as an industry, one recurring theme which is coming through in this program is that dwindling water supplies are going to become a major issue.
It would appear that in due course we are going to have to give consideration to water usage and conservation in our supply chain assurance activities.
If you want to find out more I recommend you go to BBC iPlayer and look at Jimmy’s Global Harvest.

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