Is a criminal in your supply chain defrauding you?

Thinking like a criminal
QADEX have released a provocative White Paper which sets out the complexities of how intentional fraud in the food chain can appear invisible to the eye of its unknowing perpetrators, impossible to evidence by the legal system and unobserved by the Audit process.
The purpose is to alert both Auditors and innocent Managers to awareness of the possibilities that exist for unscrupulous CEOs to reap the financial benefits of an undetected operation designed to commit fraudulent activities without the knowledge or complicit agreement of the bulk of its employees and managers.
The process is similar to the well-known Sherlock Holmes method of hiding within plain sight and replicates some of the activities discovered deep within some of the world’s banking systems that were blown out of the water with the last financial crisis. Here is how it might happen within the food supply chain:
This White Paper is for Food Safety Professionals Working in the Food Industry.
Due to the sensitive nature of the content we can only release it to those working in Food Retail, Manufacturing, Processing, Foodservice, Wholesale & Distribution.
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