Allergen Management

Integrated approaches to Allergen Risk Management

Up to 20 million European citizens are food allergic. However, allergen management by patients and health practitioners, and allergen risk assessments, by the industry is thwarted by lack of evidence to either prevent food allergy developing or to enable allergen labelling and food specifications to protect adequately those who are already allergic.
European Commission sponsored research, known as the integrated approaches to food allergen and allergy risk management (iFAAM), will produce a standardised management process for companies involved in food manufacturing. It will also develop tools designed to enforce those regulations and produce evidence based knowledge to inform new health advice on nutrition for pregnant women, babies and those with food allergies.
This project sets out to produce new risk models built on pre-existing data sets to support management of these allergens in a factory environment to minimise the use of such labels.
Building on the previous EuroPrevall project I welcome the clarify that may emerge to help UK private label and branded food producers enhance brand protection. Allergen declaration and how/what information to maintain on raw material specifications and food product specifications is a constant challenge.