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All Aspects Of Supply Chain Mapping, Supplier Approval Management, Product Specifications, Customer Complaints, New Product Development and Knowledge Management Together In One User Friendly Platform.

Technical requirements from your customers keep increasing, year on year, placing an increasing burden on your stretched technical teams.

You have to manage your own supply chains, internal facilities and then deal with the vast amount of incoming requests from your customers to complete product specifications, self audit questionnaires, corrective actions while often being audited as well.

Some, but not all of these requests come through QADEX.

Imagine if you could also use QADEX, in a similar way to how your customers do, to capture self audit questionnaires, certificates, specifications from your suppliers and internal plants.

Imagine if you could easily and quickly share information with your customers, even those who are not QADEX users.

Innovative sharing options enable sharing of data in your QADEX system with your B2B customers saving large amounts of technical and administration time and setting you apart from your competitors.

As a modular system you can pick and mix the modules of QADEX most appropriate to your current needs, confident in the knowledge that further modules can be added as your business needs evolve.

Benefits of using QADEX include:

We set-up & configure your system enabling you to focus on the important things. We will share best practice gained from working with over 16,000 food and drink businesses.

We are with you for the journey, guiding you and your colleagues through your usage of QADEX to ensure that your system delivers, year after year. Your needs will evolve, QADEX will evolve with you.

No hardware or software to install. Everything is cloud based accessible from desktop or mobile.

You always have the latest version of QADEX and our experienced team of over 40 engineers ensure the system runs smoothly 24/7.

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Solutions Available for

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our solutions globally

Supply Chain Mapping

Provide farm to fork transparency for internal and/or customer usage. Free & easy to use for all levels of your supply chain.

Risk Assessment

Save time and complete consistent, auditable risk assessments of products & suppliers, including horizon scanning and VACCP/TACCP.

Supplier Approval

Transform supplier approval management including audits and visits.


Transform specification management for finished products and answer product queries instantly.


Manage supplier and internal audits better resulting in time savings and improved audit outcomes.

Non Conformance Management

Automate supplier quality monitoring or internal non-conformance management with automated workflows to ensure prompt closure of non-conformances.

Quality checks

Complete quality checks quickly and automate non-conformances arising from quality checks.

Customer Complaints

Save time, speed up investigations and customer communications. Automate reports including CPMU. Advanced intelligence helps reduce complaint trends.

New Product Development

Deliver new product launches faster, better, together while ensuring that all safety, quality, legality and profitability requirements are met.

Document & Knowledge Management

Ensure everyone knows what they need to do, how to do it and have demonstrated understanding, if required. Support delivery of a strong food safety culture.

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