Food industry issues in the media

Life in the freezer cabinet, refreshing coverage

Last night BBC2 aired the first of a 3 part documentary titled Iceland Foods: Life in the freezer cabinet.
For those who have not seen it I recommend catching up on the BBC iPlayer.
Trish, the Iceland TM was excellent, professional, relaxed and full of personality whilst grappling with some of the issues faced as part of her role.
Their complaint reporting system highlighted an increase in complaints on a chicken supreme product, as part of the complaint investigation samples were put on taste panel internally, comments and feedback to camera were refreshingly frank. I suspect this product will have since been reformulated.
Buyers were followed working on new food product development launches and it was refreshing to see that just like the supply chain, they were also under pressure to deliver innovative new products and keep one step ahead of the competition. One of the buyers visited a Thai party food supplier and I was impressed with the quality of the infrastructure and cleanliness in the Thai plant, the only gripe from my perspective was that the camera crew had to go to Thailand to film an impressive food plant, it would have been great to film an impressive UK facility and give ourselves some positive PR for a change.
Towards the end of last nights programme the dark clouds of the horsemeat scandal were approaching and more of that next week.
Compulsive viewing, I am rooting for Trish and the rest of the team, I really hope they continue to do well out of this.