Risk Assessments

How to Spot Danger on Food Safety Risk Assessments

Food Safety Risk Assessments
After receiving all your requested supplier self-assessment questionnaires completed, the next task is to review them and complete a quantitative scoring and risk assessment of each supplier. But how can you spot the danger signals? What are the red flags that should prompt you to look a little deeper or ask further questions?
Our experience shows four different ways that a food safety risk assessment can flag up a potential problem. Here they are so you can watch out for them:

4 Danger Signs on Food Safety Risk Assessment:

  1. Missing information on supplier self-assessment questionnaire – Question why.
  2. Unusual answers, for example, Is the answer a red herring to deflect attention from a response that they know you won’t like?
  3. Claiming information is not available. This statement may mean that the supplier is an agent or trader who does not have the necessary information and may not have approved the site.
  4. Suppliers who have not returned completed questionnaires. Any supplier who does not provide information should automatically be considered a high risk.

It is not possible to complete a food safety risk assessment of suppliers who refuse to complete supplier self-assessment questionnaires, so you need to audit these suppliers yourself or initiate a planned de-list programme.