How to see the Positives in Customer Complaints

All businesses receive complaints, no matter how watertight their operations. However it’s how a business deals with complaints which separates the good from the bad. With the right approach, grievances can be turned into valuable business intelligence that can be used to improve customer relationships and enhance operations across the board. So how can you take consumer criticism and digest it into fuel for a hard hitting business plan? Read on for some of our top tips:
Exceed expectations
While complaints may seem like a negative scenario, they can actually be used to turn dissatisfied customers into loyal brand advocates. A recent survey conducted by British Airways revealed that customers who had not experienced any serious problems such as cancellations or lost luggage had a customer satisfaction index (CSI) of 70. However, those who had experienced problems but had received ample attention from the customer service department had a CSI of 77. Ultimately, unhappy customers ended up being more satisfied than their unaffected counterparts, purely because they were well looked after in a negative situation!
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Make changes
The latest research has revealed that the average business does not receive complaints from 96% of unhappy customers. This means that often issues are left unnoticed and unaddressed. When customers do complain, businesses should consider this as extremely valuable insight into areas that they can improve. Rather than risk dissatisfied customers taking their business elsewhere, complaints can be used to ensure that future customers don’t encounter the same issues.
Word of mouth marketing
Statistics have shown that when a complaining customer receives a satisfactory response they’ll tell five of their friends. This means complaints are actually a great opportunity to reverse any damage and drum up free word of mouth marketing.
Bringing all your food safety systems together
Invest in software
With the right software customer complaints can be used to generate valuable data. QADEX is an industry leading solution which brings together food safety, quality management systems, compliance, customer service and new product development together in one simple dashboard. Using the customer complaints management system businesses can analyse and address any grievances in meticulous detail. Advanced intelligence tools enable suppliers to identify “root cause” and gather the intelligence to minimise complaints per million units sold. Auto alerts and notifications immediately flag when a product or batch has ‘above trend’ complaint levels while seamless links to supplier complaint management systems ensures issues are investigated and actioned immediately.
By developing an understanding of these concepts you can find the value in every complaint, and even turn it into a positive.