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Top 3 Reasons Allergy Recalls Occur & How To Prevent Them

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Despite the fact that they are largely preventable, allergy issues represent a huge portion of product recalls across the food industry. This can mean a vast amount of wasted time and financial resources for any company, manufacturer or supplier associated with products that are recalled for allergy reasons. To help combat the common issue, we’ve compiled a list of the top three reasons behind allergen recalls and offer an informative overview of how to avoid them:
Over dependability on paper based systems
The over reliance on outdated paper based systems is one of the major causes of allergen recalls across the country. Updating paper records can be incredibly time consuming which means the process if often overlooked, rushed or completely forgotten. This can cause huge problems down the line as incorrectly labelled products pose as a serious public health and safety risk.
Inadequate technology without the capacity to assess, review and cross examine information provided by suppliers
In an ideal world, all information provided by suppliers should be accurate, precise and up to date. Unfortunately this is not the case. Suppliers often make errors which are passed directly on to product manufacturers. Without the use of intelligent allergen management technology these mistakes go largely unnoticed and can cause vast problems for manufacturers and stockists that are forced to recall products for allergen related reasons.
Lack of communication between supplier reviews and product specifications
Many food businesses suffer greatly from a disjointed approach when it comes to supplier review functions and product specification functions. When the two are not effectively aligned, product specifications run the risk of being inaccurate and non-inclusive. This can result in serious health repercussions for consumers as well as severe financial and repute consequences for members of the supply chain.
The most effective way to combat allergen related recalls is to implement a technologically advanced quality control software system such as Qadex Vision.
The comprehensive ALLERGEN MANAGEMENT MODULE offers a unique solution to all allergen labelling and allergen management issues.
The high powered technology uses a series of inbuilt auto-validation tools that intelligently combats allergen recall concerns to ensure operations are safe, thorough and 100% accurate. The digital based system makes updating information a breeze while the cross checking authentication tools ensure that nothing slips through the net. Incorporating effective allergen management policies not only ensures customer safety but also acts to protect company reputation, save time, reduce expenses and increase profitability.
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