How to manage non-conforming product for business benefit

Too often food businesses see supplier monitoring and non-conforming product management as an inconvenience of a compliance task with little business benefit.
But what if this was turned on its head based on the premise that there is a correlation between the quality of ingredients that you put into a product and quality of the finished product produced.
Specification management software can be used to create product specifications for food produced from incoming raw materials.
On intake QA checks are automatically completed and reported through a supplier monitoring system. These QA checks should include quality attributes relevant to the incoming ingredient.
Over time a vast amount of data from the quality attributes will identify the suppliers providing the best quality raw materials. At the same time tracking all non-conforming product will identify problem suppliers.
Using the supplier monitoring data purchasing teams can gradually shift volumes away from problem suppliers and towards the suppliers of products with higher quality attributes, without any impact on raw material input costs.
The end result is better ingredients into your products and less non-conforming product.