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How to Increase Response on Supplier Audit Questionnaires

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Suppliers receive a lot of requests from their customers to complete supplier audit questionnaires and in turn spend many hours completing them.

The process can appear to be never-ending as you, the manufacturer, can send out 30 Supplier Audit questionnaires, and only 3 completed are returned, leaving it to you to chase up the remaining 27 questionnaires.

When was the last time you looked at your questionnaire and thought about its relevance to EVERY supplier?

It is common for food businesses, such as food manufacturers to have a single supplier audit questionnaire format for every supplier and perhaps also a single format for specifications. This means that a lot of suppliers are being asked for information that is not relevant to them.

Suppliers are not overly joyed when they receive a supplier audit questionnaire that has clearly not been targeted to the type of ingredient or raw material that they supply. This will require the suppliers to plough through lots of irrelevant questions to find the ones that apply to them. The end result being supplier audit questionnaires that are not completed and returned straight away.

The Solution:

Due to the issue stated above we recommend to use supplier audit questionnaires and specifications that are specific to the type of materials being supplied and in as many types as reasonable, for example: meat, dairy, ingredient, contact packaging, non-contact packaging, as this will increase the relevance of the questionnaire, resulting in greater co-operation with suppliers and an improved response rate.

This could definitely be a worthwhile exercise if you are experiencing low response rates!