How to be a Successful Technical Manager

Here at QADEX we often give top business tips for companies as a whole, such as building a good reputation or making processes and communication more efficient. But it’s also important to think about having a successful career as an individual, to measure progress and career development separately from the company you currently work for. Read on for some expert advice on branding yourself as a technical manager and building an honourable reputation within the industry.

Think of yourself as a brand

Production Line

You want to market your skills and assets as a business, which means you need to see yourself as a brand for career purposes. Think about your ethos and what you stand for – what are your unique strengths and attributes? What are you passionate about, what can you bring to a technical team? Then take a look at some of the best food brands and the approach they take to branding and marketing. If you were to come up with a tagline for yourself, what would it be?

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Breaking Pencil

As well as confidently communicating your strengths, it is important to identify areas of weakness in your knowledge and skills. Finding these missing skills gives you the opportunity to build and develop the weaker parts of your portfolio, and pinpoint areas for improvement which will make you a better manager. Be proactive in your approach to training and development in order to launch yourself further up the career ladder.

Keep on top of technology


Food manufacturers and retailers rely on technical management teams to ensure 100% compliance with regulations and legislation. With UK and EU legislation constantly changing and updating, it’s crucial to stay on top of technical developments which track current regulations. Technical IT software can also improve your performance in other areas too, such as dealing with complaints and keeping on top of approving suppliers. As a manager it is crucial you are open to new developments and opportunities for development within the industry, and technology is paramount to driving improvement.

Armed with these tips you should be able to raise your profile within the food industry and pave a highly successful career as a technical manager. Attending industry events and networking will also work in your favour to develop a good reputation not only in the company you work for, but in the entire industry. You could be headhunted for your dream role in no time.