Supplier Quality Assurance

How new innovations in systems can transform your Supplier Quality Assurance

supplier quality assurance

Food retailers have seen little innovation in the solutions available for supplier quality assurance over the past 25 years as retailers need to be confident in the ability of their suppliers to deliver a consistently high quality product, that it is not fraudulent/adulterated in anyway and this requires an interactive relationship.

If there is a breakdown in communication or if there is little to no interaction between a retailer and its suppliers this could result in supplier quality assurance issue causing headaches for retailers who are struggling to cope with below standard quality products or even worse, falling foul to criminals causing potentially irreversible brand damage.

This is why back in 2007 QADEX set out to innovate supplier quality assurance systems within the Food and Drinks industry with the intention to stand out from old systems which had not been constantly evolving to keep up with the ever demanding and changing food industry, something which QADEX prides itself on.

With a fully managed system supported by an experienced team of QADEX account managers can work with your suppliers to ensure all information being supplied by suppliers is supplied in a prompt manner, providing that all important active relationship that ensures Supplier quality assurance.

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