Horsemeat response row deepens

Food manufacture has reported on the deepening row between EFRA and the Government regarding the governments handling of the horse meat crisis.

horsemeat scandal
The poor horses are innocent in this scandal

What bothers me in all of this is that it is the food  industry who is left to pick up the pieces while various government departments pass the buck or kick things into the long grass through various enquiries etc.
Supply chain risk management is a key priority for most food businesses due to the brand protection risks and the requirements placed upon suppliers of UK private label food by retailers.
Government and regulators also have a role to play, I fear there will be lots of reports and grand words but nothing will fundamentally change, yet the industry remains exposed to future supply chain compliance failings and the food businesses caught in the cross-fire will suffer.
Government and regulators need to step up, deliver more and do a little less politics and grand standing.