Free Webinars

As part of our ongoing support of the Food & Drinks Industry, QADEX are offering a series of free to attend webinars. There is no limitation to the number of webinars you attend, simply click the button below the webinars that are of greatest interest to you, enter your details and the week before the webinar runs, you’ll receive an email including the joining instructions and link for the webinar.

We will be running webinars covering a wide range of topics, so don’t forget to check back periodically to see what the next topics will be!

Webinar 1 – How to Deliver More, Better, Quicker with a Stretched Technical Team

Monday 2nd November, 10am GMT

Topics to be covered:-

  • Supply Chain Mapping
  • Move Beyond Compliance to where unannounced Audits are Business As Usual
  • Make your Food Safety Management system work for you
  • Challenges & Solutions to risk Based decisions

Webinar 2 – How to Easily Add ESG/CSR Risk Management to your Existing Supplier Approval Management Systems,

Tuesday 3rd November, 10am GMT

Topics to be covered:-

  • How easy is it really to create a Supply Chain map?
  • How can my Company identify any potential Modern Slavery in my Supply Chain?
  • Once I’ve identified Sustainability, Ethical or Responsible Sourcing risks – what can I do about it?
Customer Complaints Management Software

Webinar 3 – How integrated Risk Assessments Save Time, Reduce Risk & Make Your Team Happier

Wednesday 4th of November, 10am GMT

Topics to be covered:-

  • Inter-related Risks & an Holistic Approach
  • Identifying the Inter-related Risk Pyramid
  • What are the Key risk Assessment Challenges?
  • How to Create Real , Bias & Subjectivity free Risk Assessments

Webinar 4 – How to Reduce Complaints Substantially, Year on Year & Drive Improvement

Friday 6th of November, 10am GMT

Topics to be covered:-

  • How to Calculate the ACTUAL Cost of Complaints
  • What OPPORTUNITIES are being missed with ineffective Complaint Management?
  • The Importance of Real Data Used Effectively