Free webinar to discuss BRC7 vulnerability assessment

Free webinar provides guidance on how to get started with BRC7 vulnerability assessments

UK and international bodies are putting extra measures in place to try and solve the global problem of food crime. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is updating to Issue 7 in January 2015, with a new set of criteria for businesses to tackle at audits.  QADEX software has already updated its modules to help food businesses adjust to the changes and get BRC7 ready, and is hosting free webinars to ensure businesses stay compliant.
Tracey Cranney, Operations Manager at QADEX, said, “This is going to be quite a big change for food businesses, so they need to be aware of how to stay compliant, and the consequences if they fall short.  The first audits will be taking place next year, so our free webinars in January are a great opportunity for any food business wanting to protect its high standards and brand reputation.”
One of the biggest changes implemented in BRC7 is how businesses handle their supplier management process. The update means all raw suppliers will now need to be verified, and an effective traceability should be in place. As a pioneering leader in software specialising in supplier approval management, QADEX has updated its systems and is offering free advice to businesses ahead of the update.

BRC7 Vulnerability Assessments Webinar

With just over a month until BRC7 is published, Professor Chris Elliott has also called for local authority food analysts to be given extra power when fighting food fraud. After his comprehensive report into the UK food industry following the ‘horsegate’ scandal, Elliott has spoken in the House of Commons recently about the fragile infrastructure in place to deal with a future food crisis.
The government’s response to Professor Elliott’s report was published in September, and revealed that all of his suggestions were to be implemented. By the end of the year a Food Crime Unit will be in operation, and food testing and government coordination will be more consistent in an attempt to crack down on food fraud.
QADEX software offers a whole host of tools for food manufacturers and retailers, taking care of everything from supplier risk assessments to customer complaints management.  Working in tandem with BRC7 guidelines, QADEX can directly improve business procedures and ensure companies pass the upcoming audits with flying colours.

BRC7 Vulnerability Assessments Webinar

Tracey added, “We welcome these new guidelines from the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, as it will inevitably push industry standards higher and increase consumer trust. However, it’s important the changes are understood and businesses give themselves time to adjust before the audits next year.”
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