Food sustainability – At what price?

Have you read reports that attempts to broaden the consumption of protein derived from insects took a new turn recently?
There have been stories about research projects that are examining the use of insect protein in animal feed. It gets past the western consumers reluctance to eat ‘creepy crawlies’ and provides a huge potential resource to feed mankind in the future.
The use of this protein in animal feed could result in a more sustainable production of meat .
However the main stumbling block appears to be that under EU legislation insects are currently not allowed in animal feed-stuffs. The reports suggest efforts are underway to get these rules changed.
I am reminded of an interview I had with an insect specialist a number of years ago at the time of the crisis in cattle.
This respected head of a research department said that small insects with access to cattle feed were thought to have absorbed the prions then suspected of causing the BSE in cattle.
Shortly after that the department was closed due to spending cuts and I heard no more.
The switch to a radically new animal feed source to be used in a new way must surely be cause for concern and be the subject of extensive research and trial.