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How can Food Supplier Audit Management Software help your business?

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food supplier audit management software

Improve Food Safety Audits with QADEX

We all want to achieve high supplier audit grades. But managing supplier and internal audits can take a lot of time and energy.

Since Version 8 of the BRCGS removed the split unannounced audit option, suppliers are under an increasing amount of pressure and do not have the luxury of months to plan their scheduled audit.

Now more than ever, we need to make sure our internal and supplier audits are ready every day.

Food Supplier Audit best practice

Always start with a robust risk assessment of raw materials and suppliers and based on the outcome of these risk assessments, high risk, medium risk and low risk suppliers will be identified. High risk suppliers should be audited at an appropriate frequency. Medium risk suppliers may have a mix of audits and/or desktop assessments. Low risk suppliers can be approved based on 3rd party certification such as the BRC or other GFSI recognised standards.

When conducting audits (and creating audit plans) it is critical to have an experienced auditor who understands the category of products being supplied. While much of the audit will follow a predetermined audit checklist, the best auditors will have their eyes, ears, and nose all working overtime.

The best auditors will get a sense of the robustness of the food safety management system, and more importantly the suppliers intangible food safety culture. The checklist is useful to ensure that all areas requiring audit are captured and to provide evidence of the audit activity. 

Progressive organisations are implementing STARIndex which provides a single view of risk across supply chains and raw materials. This single view of risk encompasses Sustainability, Technical, natural Assets and Responsible sourcing.

The Benefits of Food Supplier Audit Management Software

By incorporating StarIndex into their risk assessments these businesses are getting a wider perspective of risk across their supply chains and adjusting supplier audit programs to reflect this more nuanced risk. This may mean less food safety audits and more social compliance audits or more sustainability audits. The key point being that the audit program is looking at a wider range of supply chain risks.

The Challenge of Audits

Managing audits in the food industry is in a constant state of evolution with an increasing focus on quality and compliance. Ensuring audit findings and corrective actions are closed out quickly and efficiently without auditing software places an unnecessary burden on experienced auditors. In some instances too much time is spent generating audit reports which are then reviewed by a quality manager prior to release.

The global standard for food safety as encapsulated within the GFSI creates a standardised approach which can sometimes be undermined by retailers and brands introducing their own standards. Audit fatigue is now a recurring problem.

How big a role does technology play in Food Safety Audits?

There is a vast range of solutions available to digitally transform auditing and save time for auditors and auditees alike. At the free/low cost end of the market there are phone based Apps that users can download and use instantly. In fact some of these Apps are very good.

Larger businesses often find that the Apps can quickly become expensive or inflexible as the user base is increased or requirements become more complex. That is where enterprise grade supplier audit solutions such as QADEX come to the fore.

Food Supplier Audit Brief Checklist

The type of audit being completed will determine the type of audit checklist to be used. The best checklist will cover industry best practice blended with the particular brand or sector challenges that the food supplying business completing the supplier audit is facing. QADEX work extensively with customers to develop food supplier audit checklists that are best of breed yet easy to use for audits and drive actionable insights.

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