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Which concerns can our Risk Assessment Software (UK) resolve?

food safety risk assessment

What are the main categories of risk?

When risk assessing suppliers we recommend breaking potential risks and the related control measures into the following discrete sections and then using a step by step approach to work through the hazards and risks in each section.

This is not an exhaustive list and every QADEX customer uses our risk assessment software to complete supplier and product risk assessments in different ways. Every food safety risk assessment is configured to the preference of the customer technical team, with extensive best practice guidance from our implementation team.

Fraud & Adulteration Risks (VACCP/TACCP). In this section you are typically looking at hazards and risks related to products being adulterated or substituted. This adulteration or substitution can take many well documented forms, such as beef being substituted with horsemeat or organic products being substituted with conventional products. The reality is that there are thousands of different ways that products within a large food businesses supply chain could be adulterated or substituted that are too numerous to mention.

QADEX has an advanced horizon scanning capability built into our risk management software which saves time by providing real time alerts to customers of potential fraud and adulteration risks.

Residues. In this category, you are typically looking at pesticide residues and ensuring maximum residue levels (MRL’s) are not being exceeded or non-permitted residues are present. For meat based proteins veterinary residues are often a concern. Typically a well designed food safety risk assessment will consider residue risk control for specific categories of raw material.

Allergens. Now one of the biggest risk areas for all food and drink businesses. Allergen risk management is where the QADEX risk assessment software UK and Europe version is transforming risk reduction for businesses by reducing the risk of our customers being involved in a food recall by 25%. To find out more about how QADEX risk assessment software does this contact us now.

Modern Slavery and Ethical Risks. At the time of writing this content, UK media is in a frenzy about the Boohoo labour exploitation down the road from our offices in the Leicester textile supply chain. What the media are not commenting upon is that these same businesses are unlikely to be focused on the health and safety of their employees or any other area of risk compliance.

While the Boohoo example relates to textiles there have been numerous examples of modern slavery and labour exploitation within the food and drink supply chain. The majority of QADEX customers include a modern slavery and ethical risks category within their risk assessments.

Sustainability & agricultural risks are a very extensive and quickly evolving area of risk for all businesses. QADEX risk assessment software customers will often include a basic sustainability category within their supplier and auditor risk assessment. Customers looking to take this to a more advanced level are implementing our STARIndex solution.

Commercial Assessments are a user friendly way within our risk assessment manager software to identify which suppliers present an elevated risk to your business. They may be supplying customised or bespoke products which could take a long time to source from an alternative supplier if the current supplier were no longer able or willing to supply.

Financial Assessments are a category of risk where the QADEX risk assessment software can identify elevated risks of suppliers who are liable to fail financially and thereby disrupt your food supply chain. Financial assessments are often closely related with commercial assessments.

How many steps does a Food Safety Risk Assessment contain?

The steps that QADEX use when implementing our risk assessment software for customers are:

How does our Food Safety Risk Assessment software deal with risk reporting?

Risk reporting is fully configurable for each customer, fully configurable reporting dashboards present risk profile dashboards, configured to each type of user from board level, through risk managers, and for general communication wider user groups if necessary.

Is assessing risk a static or ever-changing process?

Assessing risk is an ever-changing process. Many businesses review their assessments at least annually and many QADEX customers update how assessments are completed on an annual basis.

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