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Food Safety Alerts – Update

QADEX Food Safety Alerts UpdateOur “Food Safety Alerts” functionality went live back in the Summer of 2016, and has been well received throughout the QADEX customer base so we decided to write a short blog post around what it is and how it can benefit your food and drinks business.
Following this upgrade, QADEX has linked directly with RASSF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed).
But what does this mean for QADEX customers?
With this functionality, when alerts are loaded onto the RASSF database, the QADEX system will automatically search your product specifications and will alert you to where the search term has been found in your specifications, allowing you to identify any potential risks within your supply chain early giving you time to analyse and mitigate any potential issues.
An example for this would be the following:
There is a border rejection for Beef originating from Brazil.
The QADEX system will automatically search Beef and Brazil within your specifications and return any results for you to look into and action.
Imagine, no more having to manually search specifications to see if the product contains an ingredient that could be affected!
Not only does this search your data on QADEX but it also allows you to comment and communicate with the suppliers from within the module thereby allowing you to prove under audit you have dealt with and closed out the alert.
This functionality is fully integrated into the system as these alerts also link to the QADEX advanced risk assessment module. Meaning customers are now aware of any suppliers and product specifications that has had a RASSF alert linked to it and allowing them to risk assess the supplier/product more accurately.
If you would like to learn more about how the QADEX system can benefit your business then please click here to get in touch and find out more.