Customer Complaints

How to reduce Customer Complaints – 5 Simple Ways

Customer complaints are a major issue and vital part of running any business and must be effectively handled in order to protect business reputation, ensure repeat custom and prevent negative press coverage or word of mouth.

Fortunately there is a range of helpful tips that can implemented to reduce customer complaints and ensure that keeping customers happy is a priority when they complete transactions and are ready to return.

1. Use advanced technology to keep on top of safety issues

One of the most effective ways a business can reduce the number of customer complaints is to arm itself with high powered software that ensures safety standards and quality control is kept up to date at all times. This eliminates any potential problems before they emerge as grounds for customer dissatisfaction.

Implementing comprehensive management software such as QADEX offers a simple dashboard on which to oversee all aspects of food safety, quality management, compliance, customers and new product development. The Customer Complaints module gives business owners and managers complete control over the grievance process, allowing users to easily log complaints, track outstanding complaints, manage the non-conformance process, customise letter templates and automatically chasse up any outstanding or unresolved investigations.

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2. Provide exceptional customer service

Customer service teams creating happy customers are the key to ensuring the successful continuation of any business. Providing clients with an unparalleled level of customer service is a highly effective way to make them feel valued and important (increasing customer satisfaction). This is hugely helpful in diffusing any complaints and ensuring customers leave with a positive impression of the business and with positive customer experiences.

3. Be sure to deliver on promised standards

One of the simplest ways to reduce customer complaints is to ensure that customers receive exactly what they have paid for (delivery on what the customer expects). Anything less represents valid ground for protests and objections. There are two major ways that businesses can ensure they are delivering advertised standards of service.

The first is to make sure that the product or service description is accurate and not overly exaggerated. The second is to maintain meticulous level of quality control that are overseen by all staff members.

4. Ask for feedback

Communicating with customers and actively asking for their opinions is a great way to identify problems before they begin to escalate. Not only will customers feel as though the business cares about their wants and needs but it also represents an opportunity to identify issues that other customers may have experienced but were not forthcoming enough to raise. Customer feedback is a great tool in the battle to reduce complaints if utilised correctly.

5. Find the root of the problem

No matter how small or seemingly insignificant the complaint, it is essential for businesses to improve their the method of handling customer grievances by tracking down the root of the problem and actively address any areas that are resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Finding out why the customer’s complained will ensure that the issue is 100% dealt with and will not snowball into something bigger and more damaging at a later stage.

Implementing these simple tips into your business operations will ensure that the level of complaints and the number of complaints received is significantly reduced across all areas.

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