Farewell to the long serving boy with the peas on the login

On the 1st of January the QADEX login screen was updated.
For some strange reason I was a little emotional about this. As one of the two people who were here on day 1 when we switched on the QADEX system in 2006, this screen and the “boy with the peas” was the first part of the system that I and subsequent users of the system saw.
The initial system only managed food safety questionnaires / supplier self assessments.
We could never have envisaged the level of growth and development that the system would undergo over the following 7 years.
Today there is a growing team of 72 people working at QADEX and we are processing over 20,000 raw material specifications, packaging specifications and food safety questionnaires per month from over 14,000 supplying sites per month.
Due to customer demand modules have been added which cover:

  • supplier risk assessment
  • supply chain auditing
  • allergen risk assessment
  • food specs
  • QA checks on intake / supplier performance management
  • customer specifications
  • complaint management

With other exciting modules being launched during 2014/2015
Despite vast amounts of upgrades and new module releases over the past 7 years, the “boy with the peas” hung on, until now.
Over these years there has been a sea change in how the food industry handles supply chain risk management and we were hit by a Tsunami during 2013
He served us well.
Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have been logging into QADEX for up to 7 years and seeing this boy’s smiling face.
May we continue to add value and help you deliver step change improvement in food safety and brand protection.