Fantastic turnout for the 3rd annual QADEX conference

The annual QADEX conference took place last Thursday.

The Theme of the conference was supplier approval management. We had a great lineup of speakers and I hope to get time to post more details about the conference content over coming weeks.

One of our speakers Nicola Whyte, QADEX technical director, spoke about the need for the food industry to collaborate to create a “firewall” to protect our industry from fraudelent traders who put the food supply chain at risk.

It was therefore with interest that I read in this weeks Grocer magazine comment and opinion that Judith Batchelar who is director of Sainsburys brand is calling for collaboration for a better farming future.

Judith explains the benefits to farmers in the Sainburys Dairy Producers group of collaboration and benchmarking of farm-level data to drive productivity and efficiency improvement.

Maybe collaboration is they new buzz on the back of horsemeat?