Dyson Airblades & the power of innovation

For years when I was drying my hands on those old rubbish hand dryers I used to get frustrated that we could put a man on the moon and develop some wonderful technology, but we could not seem to invent a hand dryer that would quickly dry hands without constantly cutting out.
Was I being unreasonable.
Then along came Dyson and launched the air blade hand dryer. Which did everything that a hand dryer should do, quickly and reliably.
And has anyone noticed that the companies who were unable to innovate in the previous 20 years were suddenly able to launch upgraded versions of their own equipment that were significantly improved.
Thank you Dyson, I can now rush back to the car a hit the motorway a few seconds quicker, with dry hands!!!
Thinking about Dyson and how their innovations seem to shake the industry’s that they enter into long overdue innovation reminds me of what we are doing here at QADEX.
As a relatively new but fast growing entrant to the food specifications marketplace we are flattered to see that some of the old established players are trying to copy what we do and how we do it.
We welcome this because it should result in better solutions for the entire food industry. We can only hope that over the next few years that the food industry is served with software solutions that have customer needs at their core.

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