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Don’t Let Supplier Certifications Damage Your Business

supplier certification

I am sure a lot of you will agree that Supplier Certification Management takes up too much time and resources when trying to maintain up to date certifications for every supplier within your supply chain.

We all know that this cannot be avoided however with today’s global food chain, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage risks of food fraud and contamination.

For this reason, it is essential that you risk assess and approve all of your suppliers and check that they have the relevant certification, and if that wasn’t time-consuming enough already, all of this needs to be maintained up to date and audit ready 24/7.

So with all the stress and potential risk of human error due to lack of organisation and documentation when dealing with old paper-based Supplier Certifications systems how can you ensure that this does not damage your business?

To increase productivity and organisation within your business when dealing with supplier certifications we recommend using an online Supplier Certification Management system that will be accessible online, 24/7 ready for any potential audits that you may have.

Take away the need to constantly monitor and chase suppliers with expiring certificates, as the QADEX system will monitor the expiry dates on all certificates and automatically notify suppliers when new certificates are required.

To learn more about how our supplier certifications system can help your business please click here to learn more.