Don't Let Complaints Cost Your Company

Speaking at a Westminster Forum Conference,  Christine Tacon bought some well needed attention to the mounting costs associated with customer complaints.
When a complaint is made, there is the time consuming task of managing and delegating the complaint which can become not only laborious but stressful.  Labour costs can be prohibitive and eat away at the company’s bottom line. This cost doesn’t take into account the costs that are consequentially incurred from the complaint itself.

Complaints Module

So stop those complaints draining your time, your money and your resources; Qadex Complaints Module  is here to save the day. Through our carefully structured system you can not only track complaints but drive down the cost.
Qadex Vision Customer Complaints Managements Module includes :-

  • Management of multiple sources of complaints from customer care centres, websites, emails & social media which ensures that all complaints, regardless of source, are dealt with in a consistent manner.
  • Access to “backup or contingency” customer care-line personnel available in the QADEX Support centres, meaning that if you are faced with peaks in complaints at certain times we can step in to support at a few hours notice.
  • Auto alerts and notifications to flag when a product, or batch, has a complaint level which is “above trend” ensuring rapid management attention and focus.
  • Advanced intelligence tools for suppliers to enable prompt identification of “root cause” and providing suppliers with the intelligence to drive reduction in complaints per million units sold.
  • Accurate complaint logging and allocation which ensures that complaints are assigned to the correct sites and also assigned to the correct categories for management reporting and KPI purposes.

And these are just to name a few.
If you’d like more information on the Qadex complaints module please visit our website (link here)
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