Document Re-submission Frequency Update

QADEX document re-submission frequency updateThe next QADEX update we will be talking about is “Document re-submission frequency”.
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So, the QADEX system has undergone an update on its self audit questionnaire and specification re-submission frequency functionality, but what exactly is it for those who are not familiar with the system?
The QADEX system allows customers to set a “re-submission frequency”, this means that documents can be sent back your supplier(s) at a time interval specified by you.
For example, an SAQ can be set to “re-submit” automatically every 12 months and a specification can be set to “re-submit” every 3 years.
On “re-submission” of SAQ the suppliers answers to specified questions can be removed and these will need re-answered every 12 months by the supplier. On a specification re-submission, the whole spec is returned to the supplier for a full review.
Historically, the resubmission frequency of a self audit questionnaire or specification document was only visible when you originally requested a document, and cannot be changed or edited by the customer.
However, QADEX has now released new functionality that allows you the customer to alter the “re-submission frequency” as you require.
In the Completed Documents area every document now shows the “re-submission frequency” next to it, click on the number for example 12 and this will bring a pop up box to the screen which enables you to change the number to 6 or 24 or whatever “re-submission frequency” you require, giving you more control and flexibility around how often your documents re-submit.
This is just another way in which the QADEX system can help you manage your supplier documents, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.
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