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Support delivery of a strong food safety culture

Ensure everyone knows what they need to do, how to do it, and have demonstrated understanding, if required. Intuitive and easy to use knowledge management can support the development of a strong food safety culture.

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Document & Knowledge Management

Want a better way of managing documents & knowledge? You're in the right place!

Which challenges would our Document Management System Software solve?

The biggest challenge, even for document management software solutions is helping users find information within your document management system. QADEX have solved this problem with some unique functionalities that no other food safety document management system contain. This functionality is so cool were are not going to publish it here. To find out more give us a shout.

There is a significant administrative burden managing all of the policies, procedures and checklists inherent in your quality management system (QMS). A system that tracks electronic documents, regardless of type of document and the food standards that you are operating against saves time and is easier to implement and maintain.

Storage, management and dissemination of electronic documents that encompass policies, certifications and standard operating procedures is often unstructured. This increases the risk that compliance requirements are not met and your food business is at risk of audit non-conformances. Your document management system is supposed to keep all these documents up to date at all times, but without document management software this can be challenging.

Visibility of local and product/process specific standard operating procedures is inconsistent. This increases the risk of audit non-conformances or product quality, safety and legality issues. Having a document management system (dms) which converts everything into electronic documents which are searchable using optical character recognition (ocr) ensures that everyone is accessing the right documents at all times.

document management system software

There is no structured approach for the storage, management and dissemination of  reference standards such as GFSI, Retailer COP’s, Industry Standards. Manual systems involve you having to store documents in shared drives with inconsistent access controls and increased likelihood of inconsistent application of processes and procedures against the various food standards for your business. This is further complicated as the range of standards your sites need to comply with within your document management system is constantly evolving.

Incorrect policies and procedures are sometimes applied. This often happens when parts of the business are using out of date documents due to a lack of a robust document management system or failings in internal audit processes. The consequences of this can be as severe as product recalls when out of date labels are applied to products with incorrect allergen labeling, for example. Document Management Software such as QADEX reduces this risk by ensuring all compliance requirements are met at all times by all users.

A single source of truth for all types of documents is not available. How often in your business are there examples of different versions of a document or procedure in existence. Which version is correct, what are the implications of an operator using an incorrect process or checklist? Prevent these problems with a robust food safety document management system.

Which tasks can our Document and Knowledge Management System Software take care of?

All aspects of your food safety management system or health and safety document management can be managed through the QADEX document management software. These documents are often managed using paper based systems resulting in a wide range of challenges. Using QADEX for food safety document management you can:

Can it be integrated with QADEX’s Food Safety system?

Yes. QADEX is a fully integrated, modular, solution which is used by over 16,000 food factories globally to deliver digital transformation of food safety, new product development, consumer care, supply chain mapping and of course document management.

I’m terrible at keeping track of documents, what happens if one gets accidentally deleted?

All paper based document are digitised and managed through the document management system. if you were to accidentally delete a document the software will have retained copies in the archive.

Is it a Cloud-based solution?

Yes, anywhere you have access to the internet you have access to your documents. All popular browsers are supported including mobile devices.

How much can the Document Management System Software help with compliance?

All aspects of compliance with food safety standards or health and safety laws can be automated through the document management system.

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