Was I wrong to suggest that she keep a number of existing systems and integrate rather than replace them?


Do you love your job?

We all work for various reasons, but if we love what we do it just seems easier.

For example

Yesterday I got a call from the Technical Systems Manager(TSM) of a food businesses.

This is how it went.

The TSM had a long list of system challenges she was facing across the business.

  • They were at imminent risk of losing their quality management system(QMS) documentation. The existing IT system they were using was obsolete, no longer supported by their internal IT team, or the external provider who sold the initial system.
  • Their complaints management system was a mess. No processes existed for complaints investigation or automated reporting. Everything was manual on spreadsheets.
  • Non-conformance management was managed on spreadsheets. Non-conformances were not closed out in a timely fashion.
  • No trending or reporting systems were in place.
  • Risk assessments were manual, subjective and all over the place. Sometimes risk assessments were not being completed.
  • Internal audits are completed on a low cost App which worked well. Closing out non-conformances or trending & reporting was not available in the App.
  • An existing solution for compliance training worked well, but did not give them everything they needed.

Over the space of a one hour video call, we created a 3 year roadmap. This showed how the business could address all of the above challenges by:

  • Taking the best of some existing systems that they already had in place, and integrating these with a QADEX system.
  • Roll out QADEX modules one by one, to fill the gaps and provide tangible benefits in a low cost, low risk way.

One hour later the plan was in place and the customer was off to get senior management sign off.

I came off this call buzzing, why?

  • Pre Covid I could have spent a day travelling to this site to achieve what I achieved in one hour. Instead I got home early to spend time with my family.
  • The solution would cost the customer a small amount relative to the business benefit.
  • The technical services manager had experience of working with us, and knew that we always deliver.
  • The smile on her face when she had a 3 year roadmap to digitally transform their food safety systems.

Was I wrong to suggest that she keep a number of existing systems and integrate rather than replace them?