Complaint Management System

Do you have a complaint management system in place, and is it working?

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I’m sure we have all had a complaint about something we have purchased at least one time in our lives, but with the ever growing importance of quickly and efficiently dealing with complaints can we learn from our own experiences as a complainant?
I was in a pub restaurant a few days ago and ordered a ‘farmer’s pie’ that looked delicious on the menu.
It wasn’t delicious at all.
It had a rubbery crust, containing wallpaper paste the colour of gravy and a distinct lack of meat.
How was my complaint dealt with by the restaurant?
Step one – I had a discussion with the manager whilst presenting the evidence.
Step two – The restaurant offered me a replacement meal.
Step three – I declined the offer due to loss of trust in the food quality.
Step four – The charge for the meal was removed from my bill.
Step five – Shook hands with the manager and left the restaurant to get on with my day.
That’s it, all done and dusted! But was it?
Looking back on the experience, how detailed was their complaint management system and would my complaint help them improve in the future as a business?
During the experience as a complainant there was:

  • No request for my name and address.
  • No explanation of cause or promise of future explanation.

This then makes you wonder the following:

  • Did the manager tell the chef?
  • Did the chef tell head office?
  • Did head office find the cause?
  • Had they even a vestige of a complaint tracking system?
  • Would they have a complaint investigation?

These are all steps that would be required for an adequate complaint management system to be in place and to be benefiting both the customer and the business.
The customer would be reassured that their complaint is being taken seriously and the business would be able to properly investigate the complaint to stop it from happening again.
Having a complaint management system in place that can handle all of this will help you identify areas for improvement as well as keeping customer satisfaction levels high if they have to deal with a complaint.
Following this blog post you may be wondering about the current (or lack of) complaint management system you have in place for your business, and if it is working or not.
If you are looking to improve how your business manages the customer complaints it receives or if your business is considering outsourcing its consumer care then QADEX can help.

QADEX are delivering Consumer Care Improvement Workshops to show how the QADEX customer complaints software and outsourced customer service can benefit your business.

These workshops include an overview and demonstration of QADEX functionalities around customer service followed by Q&A, giving you a chance to see the system in action as well as asking any questions you may have.
See how, through the use of better software, your business will provide better service, giving you happier customers and higher profits.
During this Improvement Workshop we will cover the following:

  • The key challenges to customer service management, discover challenges you may or may not have recognised.
  • See how these challenges are connected to a bigger problem and opportunities you may not have realised existed and how you can use these to your advantage when dealing with customer service within your business.
  • How we have seen this play out at companies similar to yourself.
  • A look into a new way for your business to manage customer service as effectively as possible.
  • How you can improve your customer service through the use of QADEX software.
  • See if outsourcing your customer service will be of value to your business.

By the end of the workshop, you will have created a personal next steps plan which you can take away and start to implement within your business to help improve your customer service.
If you would like to learn more about this Improvement Workshop and book your FREE place then please click here.
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