Advanced Risk Assessment

We are all responsible for delivering Sustainability!

As the climate crisis goes mainstream and more people are aware that mankind is facing an imminent existential crisis, companies are starting to take positions and make statements of intent in relation to net zero, ESG, you name it.

Greenwashing and Greenwishing seems to be all the fashion at the moment.

We are not sustainability experts, and will never claim to be, but we do believe the Greenwashing and Greenwishing is wrong as it only provides an illusion of progress.

We cannot Greenwash or Greenwish this problem away.

Systemic change is required at all levels of society.

Business Leaders
You need to recognise that you lead an organisation, regardless of size, that has a footprint. Part of this footprint will be having a negative impact on the planet and people within your supply chains. It is your responsibility to own this, measure it, report it and engage with all of your stakeholders to reduce your business footprint. A triple bottom line needs to be embraced where Planet, People and Profit are all in harmony.

Business Managers
You are responsible for day to day decisions which will impact the Planet, People and Profit. It is essential that all decision making takes account of the Planet, People and Profit. If your leadership team is not taking this seriously then engage your colleagues and make it clear to leadership that your business needs to reduce its footprint.

These are all of us who deliver a product or service on behalf of our organisations. It is essential that the business that you work in are making decisions with the Planet, People and Profit in balance at all times. If this is not happening in your business then agitate for change with your business managers.

Thats all of us, every one of us are consumers. We are the ultimate customers of every business and often at the end of the supply chain. Many businesses claim that they are serving us as consumers when they present us with ever cheaper food. clothing, goods and services. But this perpetual race to be bottom on price is destroying our planet and creating all types of societal problems.

It is our planet, we need to take responsibility for our decisions, one by one.

Every time we are making a decision as consumers we should think about the impact of our decision on the Planet and People within the supply chains that serve us.

Our circle of influence
Our personal circles of control encompasses those circumstances, issues and problems with which we have direct control over. Where we purchase goods and services from is within our circle of control.

We cannot delegate responsibility for sustainability
We all inhabit the same planet, destroying it will impact all of us and our children / grandchildren. We cannot expect Governments and / companies to solve this problem without us.

Saving the planet is the responsibility of everyone.